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The preparation of a comprehensive set of drawings outlining the assembly of the various components to be utilized in the roofing project in conjunction with a specification manual providing a detailed listing of acceptable products to be incorporated and the standards to which they are to be installed.

Analysis Requirements
The ability to work with building owners, property managers and other design professionals to investigate, review, understand and anticipate their roofing expectations and needs.

Review Drawings
Reviewing proposed design or pre-existing design drawings and providing options and technical input to building owners, property managers, architects, general contractors, risk managers and claims adjusters.

Technical Information
An extensive library of articles, literature, manufacturers brochures and manuals dating back to the 1960's coupled with years of on-site job experiences allow us to provide meaningful and concise information.

Check Final Drawings
Working with building owners, architects and other design professionals to provide technical information and enhancements which solidify the roofing design package.

Budget of Costs
Preparation of accurate line item budget estimates of those costs associated with the recommended course of action or anticipated work, whether it be repairs to an existing membrane or total removal and replacement with a new roof system.

Recommend Roof System
Working with the building owner or building designer to provide the roof system best suited to the needs of the building owner, it's occupants and budgetary constraints

Evaluate Changes & Quotations
Review and investigate unexpected field conditions encountered during the course of construction; provide and/or review proposed solutions and those cost estimates set forth by contractors or other design professionals.

Construction Field Observations
On-site roof inspection services providing quality assurance with regard to extent of work and installation of products per plans and specifications as provided by our firm or other design professionals.

Problem Analysis
On-site visits and background research to determine sources of roofing related problems, their causes and options available for their resolution.

Roof Inspections
Providing on-site field inspection of existing and newly installed roofing systems, system analysis, solutions to anticipated problems, repair vs replacement analysis, photographic documentation of conditions and comprehensive written reports for our clients.

Moisture Control
Working with building owners, architects and other design professionals to integrate roofing and waterproofing systems to provide moisture control and protection in wall systems and other building components.

Waterproofing Design
Providing a comprehensive package of details and specifications associated with the complex issues of assembling a waterproofing system on plaza decks, foundation walls and parking garages.

Wind Up-Lift Analysis
On-site testing of existing or newly installed roofing systems with uplift equipment or replication, under laboratory conditions, of a questionable system and testing for uplift compliance based on published standards.

Laboratory Evaluation
Providing laboratory testing and analysis based on ASTM published standards of roofing related materials with written reports, photographic documentation and technical backup as requested by the building owner, manufacturer, risk manager or claims adjuster.

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