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Sampling of Roof Types 

Built Up Roofing
A built up roofing membrane is comprised of hot asphalt or coal tar pitch and incorporates organic or various man made reinforced felts. The built up roof membrane may be surfaced with aggregate or in some cases an asphalt membrane may be allowed to be left smooth with a liquid applied top coating. Modified membranes are often considered a part of the built up roofing category as they can be incorporated into a built up roofing system or used independently, providing their own unique roofing system.
Single Ply Membrane
EPDM, PVC and Hypalon are some of the various single ply membranes that are frequently installed by loose laying and overlaying with ballast, mechanically fastening or fully adhering to a number of different substrate surfaces. These products are often incorporated into the commercial and industrial facility.

Metal Roofing
Metal roofing can be comprised of a number of various materials in several different configurations. Aluminum, steel, copper, lead coated copper and monel are often observed installed using standing seam or batten seam as well as the flat seam methods.
Architectural, 3 tab and strip are a few of the shingle types available to the residential home owner as well as the commercial property developer. Laminated asphalt shingles represent the most commonly utilized roofing product in the industry. Wood shingles may also be considered a part of this category, however they require a very different design and installation technique.
Quarried from pits, hand split in a variety of natural tones of grays, blacks, purples and greens, slate is hand nailed directly to a wood substrate using copper or stainless steel fasteners while offering long lasting serviceability

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